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Updates MUST be performed at least monthly for all websites hosted on ACS servers. Updates often include bug fixes, security enhancements, and new features. Options are as follows:

Regular manual updates - site review and immediate restoration of a backup run just prior to updating if site a break/malfunction is noted; time spent is charged in 15-minute increments at our hourly rate (currently $150/hr) or client contract rate, if lower. Time includes status report and troubleshooting any issue triggered by manual update of core, theme, or plugin. The manual update and review process typically takes 1-2 hours. By manually updating, we ensure that any new version is compatible with the current WP version and your specific theme and plugin configuration. Some themes and plugins may require adjustments or updates to work properly with the latest versions. This option is best for clients who value their website’s uptime and the peace of mind in having complete control over the update process.

Automatic updates – updates are run automatically. In the unlikely event that an update causes a website break/malfunction, once ACS is notified (it is Client’s responsibility to monitor the status of the site if this option is selected), all time spent determining the cause and fixing the website will be charged at our hourly rate (currently $150/hr) or client contract rate, if lower.

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Date: 07/24/2024
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